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The Operas


An Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave

based on Victor Hugo’s play Le roi s’ammuse

First Performed at Teatro La Fenice, Venice, March 11, 1851

When we think of “opera”, we think of “Rigoletto.” The two are almost synonymous. And why not? Rigoletto is one of the best loved and most frequently performed of all operas. It is a perfect fusion of music and drama, clearly drawn characters and exiting situations, extreme emotions and exquisite tenderness. On the one hand there is the immoral, licentious Duke; on the other, the pure and innocent Gilda. In between is Rigoletto. His exterior is deformed and his mind is filled with malicious barbs. But in his heart is his pure love for his daughter. In the end, his overpowering desire for revenge precipitates the tragedy.

We love this opera. And we want you to share in its soaring emotions and endless melodies.

You will find an excellent synopsis of and background to Rigoletto on Wikipedia. Click here: Rigoletto

 Lucia di Lammermoor

 An Opera by Gaetano Donizetti

Libretto by Salvatore Cammarano

Based on Sir Walter Scott's historical novel, The Bride of Lammermoor

First performed on September 26, 1835 at the Teatro San Carlo, Naples

Lucia di Lammermoor is one of the great operas of the Bel Canto period. The story is taken from Sir Walter Scott's The Bride of Lammermoor, itself based on an actual incident. The story is driven by a feud between two families in the Lammermuirs area of Scotland, the Ashtons and the Ravenswoods. Lucia Ashton loves Edgardo, Master of Ravenswood. Lucia's brother, Enrico is determined to marry Lucia to Arturo to obtain political and financial advantage for the family. After being tricked into marriage Lucia goes mad and murders her husband. She arrives at the wedding banquet completely out of her mind and covered in blood. The subsequent "mad scene" is the most famous mad scene in all of opera and the supreme test of a colouratura soprano. 

Read Wikipedia's  excellent synopsis of and background to this opera: Lucia.





 An Opera by Vincenzo Bellini

Libretto by  Felice Romani

Based on Norma, ossia L'infanticidio (Norma, or The Infanticide) by Alexandre Soumet 

First performed at La Scala on December 26, 1831

Norma is most famous for its great Act I aria, Casta Diva. The aria was a signature piece for Maria Callas and was sung by the great divas including Montserrat Caballé and Joan Sutherland.

Norma, a Druid high priestess, is secretly married to Pollione and has had children by him. When Pollione falls in love with Adalgisa, a young temple virgin, the stage is set for crisis, heartbreak and self-sacrifice.

Read Wikipedia on Norma: Norma.

Rigoletto, Act III:

The Great Quartet 






  Luci Di Lammermoor:

The Wedding Scene



 Norma, the Druids' High Priestess and her father, Oroves, the Druid chief in Act I



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Opera Pro Cantanti at the Denman Place Theatre
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